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5 Types of Alternative Investments

As an investor, you likely have experience with traditional investments like stocks, bonds, and cash. However, record-high inflation in the U.S. has made such assets more vulnerable to market turbulence. Fortunately, other categories of alternative investments exist to offer investors like you more flexibility to help meet your risk appetite and investment goals.

By on Oct 04, 2023

Tax-Saving Strategies for Doctors and Health Care Workers

As a doctor or other health care professional, you've certainly worked hard to achieve your income. Running a medical practice or moving up the ranks from a resident to an attending may have allowed you to pursue many life goals, such as buying a home for your family, paying off your debt or investing in real estate. However, higher income also usually implies significant tax obligations.

By on May 18, 2023

What is Advanced Estate Planning?

Advanced estate planning is the process of developing a comprehensive plan to manage and protect an individual’s assets during their lifetime and ensure that their assets are distributed according to their wishes after their death. The goal of advance estate planning is to minimize taxes, protect assets, and ensure that the individual’s wishes are carried out in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

By on Apr 26, 2023

How Can You Defer Capital Gains?

There are several ways to potentially defer capital gains taxes: Use a 1031 exchange: A 1031 exchange allows an investor to sell an investment property and reinvest the proceeds in a like-kind property without recognizing capital gains on the sale. To qualify for a 1031 exchange, the properties must meet certain criteria, including being held for investment or productive use in a trade or business. Invest in Opportunity Zones: Investing in Opportunity Zones can provide tax benefits, including th...

By on Apr 12, 2023

Retirement Options for a Real Estate Investor

As an investor, you have likely heard that investing in real estate can be a great way to build long-term wealth potential. However, as you prepare for retirement, it is important to understand the various types of retirement options that may be available to you as a real estate investor, and how to structure your investments to help manage taxes. In this blog post, we will explore various retirement strategies available and tax strategies that can help you manage your tax liability.

Financial Planning Financial Advisor DST Diversification 1031 Exchange Estate Planning Tax Planning Annuities Asset Preservation Retirement Planning 401k Tax Management Qualified Opportunity Zones Opportunity Zones Alternative Investments Oil & Gas By on Apr 07, 2023

1031 Exchange Options

A 1031 exchange is a tax-deferred exchange of one investment property for another. In a 1031 exchange, the investor can defer paying taxes on the gains from the sale of the property by using the proceeds to purchase a similar property within a certain timeframe. This tax-deferred exchange is governed by section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC).

DST 1031 Exchange Tax Planning Opportunity Zones QOZ By on Apr 03, 2023

What is Securitized Real Estate?

Securitized real estate refers to the process of pooling real estate assets and packaging them into securities. These securities can then be bought and sold by suitable investors, allowing them to invest in real estate without directly owning the physical property.

Financial Planning DST 1031 Exchange Alternative Investments By on Mar 29, 2023

It’s Tax Time. Here are the Forms to Keep an Eye On for 1031 Exchanges

That favorite time of year has come around once again. Time to file your tax returns! And to help ensure you are prepared to complete and file your returns, we wanted to remind you of a few forms to be looking for if you are one of our clients who used a 1031 exchange to sell investment property last year.

1031 Exchange Tax Planning Tax Tips Tax Management By on Mar 28, 2023

Is There a Required Holding Period for 1031 Exchange Replacement Properties?

Many real estate investors use 1031 exchanges to defer their capital gains taxes and depreciation recapture by replacing a relinquished property with a qualified like-kind replacement property. However, there are a number of very specific rules and timelines that must be followed before you can receive favorable tax treatment through a 1031 exchange.

1031 Exchange By on Mar 02, 2023

What Happens When You Sell a DST?

Accredited investors who own a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) are generally familiar with the rules governing a DST investment. But one area of confusion we often hear about relates to the ability for an investor to sell their fractional interest, and what that process entails.

DST By on Feb 16, 2023